Efficient solutions. We go a step further, seeking out the best possible way of doing things.

We like challenges.
We take on challenges with enthusiasm and a proactive mindset.
Projects development
In this model, we perform specific developments, usually independent from other applications, focussing on the customer’s architectures or using our own.
The client performs the functional specification and Quantobit the technological development, working together in the initial analysis and final validation stages.
Applications maintenance
We develop new versions or specific features of applications that our customers have outsourced for maintenance purposes.

Quality certification
At Quantobit we have the ISO 9001 certification, accredited by ENAC as a Software Factory

At Quantobit we offer
Our development team consists of experts in the languages and programming environments most demmanded by companies.
In every project we adapt to the working methods of our customers, meaning that our team and resources become a back office of your company.
The motivation to do our job well and to meet customer expectations, both professionally and personally, drives us to seek stable business relationships, aimed at the true integration of teams.
We provide top-quality development, optimising processes and resources. In this working model, customer costs are adjusted to the actual project duration, thereby eliminating idle resources and cost overruns.

Contact with us
C⁄ Rui Pérez 4,3ºB
33401 Avilés, Asturias
(+34) 984 833 903

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