Project monitoring software.

Web application for project monitoring
and resource management.
CTRL+P: Project monitoring software.
Web application for project monitoring (definition of tasks, forecasts, progress, deviations) and resource management (hours allocated, management of holidays, leaves and absences)

It allows time and costs to be monitored

Ctrl+P monitors real-time progress of the project, deviation from schedule dates and associated costs.
It is an agile and effective tool for project management.

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Features and benefits

User level:
- Daily reporting of work done per task and project.
– Request for and cancellation of holidays, leaves and absences.

Administrator level:
- Management of user privileges.
- User-by-user allocation of calendar and working day, within a date range.
- Management of holidays, leaves and absences (approval, cancellation and withdrawal of applications).
- Definition of cost/hour per employee and date range.

Each project will benefit from:
- Definition of requirements and tasks.
- Allocation of resources.
- Effort estimation until a task-based level.
- Monitoring of project implementation rate.
- Real-time control of costs (direct and indirect).
- Automatic analysis of deviation of hours (estimated vs. real).

Through predefined reports and data exports, we can learn everything about:
- Profitability of projects
- Effectiveness of estimates
- Productivity
- Absenteeism
It has an advanced planner that takes into account the net working hours (discounting approved leaves, holidays and absences) of employees associated with the project.

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